Tuesday, April 20, 2004

You da man, editor 

I'm an editor. I edited my college newspaper, proudly--for $5.15 an hour, ex-ACTLY minimum wage. Lots of people like to SAY they've worked for minimum wage...I actually HAVE, instead of $6.50 or $10 or whatever passes for a non-living wage. But I digress.

So I have to love a guy whose nickname, for whatever reason, is editor. That would be my good friend over at blah3.com.

First class blog. He GETS the scoops, people. I just read 'em and pass 'em along. He's also the brains and talent behind Take Back The Media, and their fabulous streams and animations. I'm very glad this man is on OUR side.

If you linked to me via editor's very kind plug, thank you veddy veddy much. 'Preciate the look, folks.


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