Friday, May 28, 2004

Bush's Medicare scam is a BUST 

At least, so far. Nobody wants the damn thing. To wit:

Groups: Medicare Drug Card Enrollment Low


While most of the more than 70 sponsors are silent about how many people they've signed up, AARP admits its number is minuscule. The group, which has 35 million 50-and-older members, mailed out 26,000 enrollment kits and has signed up only 400 people, spokeswoman Carol Shirley said.

[400 people! Out of 35 million! What a JOKE!]

At Walgreen Co., spokesman Michael Polzin said, "We prepared for a crush of seniors to come in beginning in May. That hasn't happened."

The Bush administration projected that 7.3 million Medicare recipients would sign up for the cards, which can be used beginning June 1. That number includes 4.7 million with incomes low enough to receive $600 from the federal government this year and again in 2005 to pay pharmacy bills.

If enrollment to date is lower than expected, it can be attributed partly to advice from Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson and others to window-shop before choosing a card. On Thursday, Thompson said: "Now is the time to sign up."

Sure. You first, Tommy.


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