Monday, May 24, 2004

The Christian Exodus 

Those poor, persecuted fundamentalist evangelists. If you took them seriously, you'd think they had to face real lions. As a Christian myself, I find the hare-brained schemes of contemporary Pharisees intriguing. They never stop.

Via Kos. Where does he find this shit?

Fundy secession
by kos

Mon May 24th, 2004 at 23:41:32 EDT

I can endorse this:

ChristianExodus.org offers the opportunity to try a strategy not yet employed by Bible-believing Christians. Rather than spend resources in continued efforts to redirect the entire nation, we will redeem States one at a time. Millions of Christian conservatives exist, but we are geographically spread out and diluted at the national level. Therefore, we must concentrate our numbers in a geographical region with a sovereign government we can control through the electoral process.

ChristianExodus.org is orchestrating the move of 50,000 or more Christians to one of three States for the express purpose of dissolving that State's bond with the union. The three States under consideration are Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina. The exact destination will be chosen by vote of our membership. Our move will commence when the federal government forces sodomite marriages on our local communities or once we reach the 50,000-member mark, whichever comes first.

They can have one state (Mississippi gets my vote, though Roy Moore would love them in Alabama) and take those two Republican senators with them. And since Mississippi is one of those freeloading welfare red states, getting $1.89 in federal money for every dollar they send to DC, it will help the hard-working blue states keep more of their money (Alabama, at $1.64/per dollar sent to DC, would also work).

Problem is, these fundies aren't smart enough to pull this off. Too bad.


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