Sunday, May 02, 2004


Tell your friends in the nonprofit sector! Blab to that blogger on your block! We're giving away one free advertisement at BushWhackedUSA.com. That's right, FREE.

All you've got to do is be the first representative of a blog, a Web site, a nonprofit, minimal-profit political book publisher, whatever, to post a note here in this thread AND send an E-mail to annalsofobscurity@yahoo.com. Tell me who you are, what you'd like to promote, and how. Hell, if your cause is right I may even design the ad for you. (You can see several examples of my design work here and here.

Why? Well, because I want to cultivate some extra attention for this damn blog, for starters, and for the main BushWhackedUSA site, for finishers.

We don't actually sell advertising at BushWhackedUSA, by the way. Nor have we ever given it away. As far as I know, this is going to be a one-time thing.

As far as placement of the ad is concerned, we'll negotiate. Could be here at the blog, could be on our main page, or it could be on the next political satire piece we publish. What's your preference? Talk to me.

-Eric Bosse

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