Wednesday, May 26, 2004


I used to live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, home to Focus on the Family; various other international christian missionary/propaganda organizations; a handful of active hate groups; too many meddling, good-for-nothing trust funders; some of the soldiers being investigated for prisoner abuses in Iraq; and many of my friends. One of those friends, Criz, wants to go to Boston as a delegate to the Democratic party's convention. I don't know this friend too well; in fact, I only know her because a mutual friend of ours was brutally, inexplicably murdered a couple years ago. Consequently, most of what Criz and I have in common is a mutual sense of loss and grief, compounded by anger and tempered by the love we've shared for our dead friend who so loved life.

Anyway, Criz has asked for some help and support in getting to Boston. The other thing I know she an I share is a common dedication to the causes of peace and justice. She organized demonstrations against the Iraq invasion and seems to have stayed involved in the political scene in Colorado Springs in the year since I last lived there. You don't know her, but to the extent that I can vouch for her worthiness, I encourage anyone who can show her some support to do so. Criz would be the kind of delegate (that is, of the Kucinich variety--see my posts below for more on him) who could help nudge the right-leaning Democratic party back toward the political center and maybe even in a slightly leftward direction.

Here's a link to Criz's Boston page.

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