Friday, May 07, 2004

I smell a RAT 

When that Bob Woodward story about the Saudis holding oil prices down to help re-elect Bush first hit...I immediately sensed the possibility that Woodward was being used...as in a tool...right from the top drawer...

Oil Prices Hit $40 for First Time Since 1990

See...if Bush (or Rove, the one with the working cerebrum) leaked to Woodward that gas prices were going DOWN to help Bush...that would be a calculated gamble...

...unless the prices NEVER FALL.

Then they can say, "Woodward doesn't know what he's talking about. See? We had no deal with Prince Bandar to lower oil prices."

And that would end up looking like a GOOD thing--for Bush, and no one else. No one except whoever's SELLING OIL...



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