Wednesday, May 19, 2004

If I Were in the Bush Administration... 

...I'd be making an awfully big deal out of the sarin gas that may have been present in a roadside bomb which exploded over the weekend. While this clearly does not prove the presence of "stockpiles," it's the first shred of credible evidence that there may have been something resembling WMD in Iraq in 2003. I suppose it could have been planted there by those with an interest in finding such weapons, or imported by the Iraqi resistance since the beginning of the war. The most likely scenario, though, seems to be that this sarin bomb is left over from Saddam Hussein's regime.

Then again, perhaps the Bush team and intelligence community have been so burned by their own earlier overstatements (to use a generous term) that now the administration is a little gun shy. Can't blame them for that. In fact, one can appreciate the caution with which they've approached this incident thus far. It shows a bit of wisdom gleaned from experience.

I'll be interested to follow this story as it plays out. And, for the sake of our nation's credibility, I still genuinely hope that US troops and inspectors uncover a huge stockpile of weapons that could have somehow posed a threat to the US or its allies.

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