Thursday, May 27, 2004

It's all over now, baby blue 

When Richard Perle tells us Bush's Iraq Adventure is a failure, The jig is up. As of now, Bush is damaging the credibility of not just our nation, but the Presidency overall--straight to the point of no return.

U.S. war policy 'grave error'


"I would be the first to acknowledge we allowed the liberation (of Iraq) to subside into an occupation. And I think that was a grave error, and in some ways a continuing error," said Perle...

With violent resistance to the U.S.-led occupation showing no signs of ending, Perle said the biggest mistake in post-war policy "was the failure to turn Iraq back to the Iraqis more or less immediately.

"We didn't have to find ourselves in the role of occupier. We could have made the transition that is going to be made at the end of June more or less immediately," he told BBC radio, referring to the U.S. and British plan to transfer political authority in Iraq to an interim government on June 30.

Why does Richard Perle hate America so much?


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