Thursday, May 20, 2004

A quote to remember 

Atrios provides us with pure gold, from down Memory Lane:

"The predictions of those who opposed this war can be discarded like spent cartridges. You remember them? 'We will kill hundreds of thousands. We will create thousands of new terrorists. The Arab world will rise up and set the region aflame.'

"Tony Blair and George Bush knew better."

—Writing in the News of the World, April 13, 2003

Beautiful imagery there, Richard; "discarded like spent cartridges." You must have experienced wood when you spoke it. I'll bet you almost misspoke and said those who opposed this war would be discarded BY spent cartridges. Maybe?

I would expect as much from a mass murder-inflamer as yourself. If anyone roasts in Hell for eternity, it will be you, Perle, the liar, the warmonger, the peace-destroyer who was put in place by the moronic Smirk.


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