Saturday, May 29, 2004

The REAL Bush 

Just a little window into the true character of our Boy King:

Was Iraq a Just War?

Putting George W. Bush’s invasion and occupation to the test

by Melinda Henneberger


The one and only time I interviewed Mr. Bush, when he was running in 2000, he called me by the wrong name several times, which was no big deal, and I didn’t correct him. But after this went on for a while, his adviser Karen Hughes, who was sitting in on the interview, finally said: “Governor, her name’s not Alison, it’s Melinda.”

“I think I know what her name is; we just had lunch last week,” Bush responded. “Your name IS still Melinda, isn’t it?”


“You haven’t changed it since last week?”


“OK, then. Glad we got that cleared up.”

Hughes persisted, though. “Governor, you were calling her Alison.”

“I wasn’t calling HER Alison,” he said, with apparent conviction. “I was calling YOU Alison.”

At the time, I thought this was very funny. But now I’m not so sure. I keep wondering what has become of the “humble” foreign policy Bush talked about during the 2000 campaign. Yes, 9/11 has changed our president’s view of the world and given him a new sense of mission—of “crusade” as he once said. Yet it has not altered just-war theory or the rule of law—-which in the absence of personal humility, or any doubts about right action, seem particularly useful guideposts.

What a complete ass this man is. And he's the President. Unbelievable. People exist to serve HIM, to make HIM look good, to merely ACCOMMODATE his whims, wishes and desires. Nothing proves that better than this little anecdote.


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