Sunday, May 30, 2004

Sources who lie 

Inspired by atrios' and others' thoughts on the matter:

Sources who lie to journalists should be outed by those journalists. Journalists owe confidentiality and protection to sources who DON'T lie.

If you don't out sources who lie...

...they'll just keep lying. And the rest of us suffer.

The NY Times knows this. The WaPo knows this. A seven-year-old first-grader knows this.

So why do they keep reporting lies from anonymous sources, without punishing them by outing them?

It can't be because they're "protecting" their sources. By outing liars, it would scare sources who LIE, and ENCOURAGE sources who DON'T.

Ergo: They must not care if their sources are lying or not.

Why not just make shit up, then, if their lying sources will never be revealed?

Indeed--have they been making shit up all along?


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