Tuesday, May 04, 2004

They'll lie about ANYTHING 

From the liquid list, via atrios:

Bush Bus Tour Scam

President Bush's bus tour is a scam on several levels. First, he isn't actually using the bus: "The bus tour, about 60 miles through western Ohio, actually includes two airplane flights — one from Detroit to Toledo and another from Toledo to Dayton."

Second, Bush skipped mentioning the torture -- and that's what it is, by the way -- of Iraqis in U.S. custody. That's because he did mention that the "world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power," and that "torture rooms are closed." Oh, we closed them, did we?

And when the president opened it up for questions, he had some nice plants such as one, heard this morning on NPR, in which an earnest-sounding man named Joe Francisco asked how he could help the president win more Latino votes in Michigan. Aww. Maybe if the president offered people a chance to become citizens rather than just indentured servants, eh Joe?

Oh, how do I know the questions were planted? Here's Don Gonyea's money quote: "There were no direct questions about Iraq or even the economy in a state that has lost 300,000 jobs since the president took office. " Okay, maybe they weren't plants. Maybe they were just lobotomized.


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