Monday, May 17, 2004

Those killer tax cuts 

Irony can be so sweet, except when people lose their jobs. And when they get killed, too.

From Hesiod at Counterspin Central:

BUSH LEAGUE: An Ohio manufacturing plant that George W. Bush used last year as a backdrop to show how his economic policies were working...has shut down.

Here's more on the plant closure.

"Timken is slashing a quarter of its employees in Canton, and as workers facing layoffs consider their future, the ripple effect is already beginning.

"How can I afford to get married, afford a house payment, maybe kids, if I don't have a job?" said Timken employee Shawn Higgins.

Timken is Canton's biggest employer, and it is reported that 1,300 jobs are to be cut. Former Mayor Richard Watkins, who led the city for 12 years, knows how enormous the impact of such a downsizing can be.

"It isn't just about Timken," said Watkins. "Other jobs are affected. If (people) can't spend money, the smaller entrepreneur won't be able to stay in business."

Ironically, it was a little more than a year ago when President George W. Bush visited Timken's world headquarters heralding his tax cut and job creation plan. Now this very company's job cuts will be a major blow to the economy in Canton."

You just can't make stuff up this pathetic.


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