Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I'm already sick of the glowing, boring, demented praise of Ronald Reagan that I've seen coming form the right and, in large part, from the mainstream media. You'd think Reagan was Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR and Jesus Christ all rolled into one. He wasn't. Far from it. And the b.s. just keeps getting deeper.

But if anything about Reagan is worth remembering, it's the optimism and good will he supposedly cultivated toward those who disagreed with him--well, those political opponents in congress, that is. That spirit of amiability was chucked out with the "conservative revolution" ten years ago. The Republican party has been overrun by a mob of mean bastards who don't know when to quit. And now the left is finally resorting to a bit of meanness of its own.

So, conservatives, wherever you are, now hear this: I challenge you to prove your adoration of Reagan is sincere by opening your minds enough to admit the Bush administration must go before it does any more damage.

Well. There. That ought to change the world.

Now, back to my hole...

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