Monday, June 14, 2004

How exactly do you blow up a mall? 

That's what I want to know. But Ashcroft is holding his cards close to his vest. You can't blame the guy.

It's not like he's anything close to trustworthy. So far, his record for convictions in "terrorism" is sorely lacking. And he's been known to cry "Wolf" more than a few times, usually at the best opportunity to bring media relief to his boss. So pardon me if I'm a little skeptical when Ashcroft claims this guy tried to blow up a mall.

I have personal experience here. No, not blowing up malls...but on a monthly basis, I wheel a cart full of equipment--musical, speakers and such--into one of the swankiest malls in St. Louis. And no one has EVER stopped me to inspect my cart, or ask a question, etc, etc, etc.

Then again, if it takes a car or truck loaded with explosives to take down a single building, or just the front of it, how the hell is ONE MAN going to bomb an ENTIRE MALL, with the square feet of a small village?

It's just more bullshit.


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