Wednesday, June 02, 2004

If this was a sitcom instead of international intelligence, I'd be crying with laughter 

Even so, I'm having a hard time not laughing as it is.

Chalabi Reportedly Told Iran That U.S. Had Code


American officials reported that in the cable to Tehran, the Iranian official recounted how Mr. Chalabi had said that one of "them" — a reference to an American — had revealed the code-breaking operation, the officials said. The Iranian reported that Mr. Chalabi said the American was drunk.

atrios' flawless response:

Last night I had a dream that I got an 'FYI' email from Byron York of the National Review informing me that according to his sources Don Rumsfeld was the one who told Chalabi about the Iranian codes and that Rumsfeld had been declared an enemy combatant and was currently sitting in a cell in Gitmo.

Okay, okay, this IS funny!


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