Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Prices Rose After Medicare Law 

Bush's Medicare law was passed in exactly the same illegal fashion as the buildup to Dubya's Iraq invasion, by WITHHOLDING CRUCIAL INFORMATION and presenting LIES TO CONGRESS. It is one of his administration's biggest crimes, but we only have SO MANY PROSECUTORS TO SPARE to avoid investigating his most criminal administration in U.S. history.

You have to go back to the days of Louis XVII for more open corruption, the days of King John for more outright sinister executive rule, or the days of Caligula to the days of more ridicule for the rule of law.

Some genius has to tell me--why is implementing a law whose end result is HIGHER PRICES FOR DRUGS is...a good thing?

Drug Prices Rose After Medicare Law, Group Says

Remember? AARP bent over BACKWARDS to sell this monstrosity to Congress and its AARP members. Millions of members have expressed their discontent with the organization; thousands have quit, but most have not because they CAN'T AFFORD TO.

Turns out they figured out that the bill of goods they were sold and they DID sell was BOGUS. The entire leadership of AARP should resign in disgrace, but apparently they have no more shame than Bush & CO.

Fellow Three Stooges enthusiasts will recognize this famous name from their shorts: The con man with the pencil-moustache and the pin-stripe suit--

I. Fleecem.

Among the 25 top-selling drugs, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.'s anti-clotting drug Plavix topped the list with a 7.9 increase, followed by its cholesterol-fighting Pravachol at 7 percent.

Goddammit, I'M on Pravachol!


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