Tuesday, June 15, 2004


In my spare time (as if such a thing exists!) I edit and design a quarterly literary journal called The God Particle. In it we have published several stories and essays with at least tangential connections to the work I do (along with my father, Roger, and our intrepid blogger, Augustino) over at BushWhackedUSA. The current issue, for instance, has a very short, very powerful piece of fiction by Gulf War I paratrooper S. Brady Tucker, called "Falling in Love During Wartime." I cannot recommend the piece strongly enough, and I'd encourage you to explore TGP further, if you've got a few minutes. Thanks.
And thanks, also, for the extra traffic that has been pouring into the blog since the weekend. Whether you're here due to the message on the main BushWhackedUSA site or you somehow stumbled in through a back door, welcome!
-Eric Bosse
Co-editor, BushWhackedUSA

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