Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Anybody see the All-Star Game last night? 

Anybody notice...the large sections of empty seats from time to time? That slipped by the Fox Sports producers, and onto the live camera shots?

Hell, there were huge swaths of empty seats for the opening ceremonies, too. I've never seen anything more embarrassing for a community. It never would have happened here in St. Louis. Every seat would have long been sold out, and every seat would have been filled with cheering fans from long before the broadcast.

I daresay that would have been the case for just about any other MLB town--except Montreal. There, as what probably happened in Houston, anxious production assistants would have been desperately hawking FREE tickets in order to put butts in the seats for the cameras.

That fairly anemic crowd must have been embarrassing not only for the poor stepchild community of Houston...but for Poppy Bush and "Beautiful Mind" Babs, sitting in the front row behind the plate. And we all know how kindly they take to being embarrassed.

I guess when Enron collapsed, it took so many jobs, no one can afford to go to the baseball game any more. And, folks, remember: When that brand-spanking new cookie-cutter retro-cool stadium first opened, its name was--


ha ha

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