Friday, July 09, 2004

Blood in the Water 

Am I the only one who wants to see Kerry and Edwards strike fast and hard, just as soon as possible? Bush is incredibly vulnerable right now. A crucial portion of his 1972 National Guard record has been conveniently destroyed, even though the AP was informed just two weeks ago that the record was available on microfilm and "would erase any questions" about Bush's service. (I guess "erase" was intended all too literally.) Bush's good buddy and Number One Campaign Contributer of All Time, "Kenny Boy" Lay just got perp-walked out of FBI offices in Houston. And, as stated below, the Bush administration is blatantly attempting to link Democrats to Al Qaeda. Meanwhile, reports have come out that Karl Rove and the Bush team are trying to time the apprehension of Al Qaeda to affect the election. And this is all just the last 36 hours or less.

Positive, upbeat and optimistic are nice, but it's time for Kerry and Edwards to attack like hungry sharks.

Somehow, though, I'm starting to get that sinking feeling I remember well from late 2000...

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