Saturday, July 03, 2004

Death comes in threes 

That's what my ex-mother-in-law used to say. She is a character. Tough old bird from the old school, etc.

When Reagan and Ray Charles died within a day or so of each other, the platitudes were flying. Damn, they STILL have those flags at half-mast. "What'd I Say?" really influenced an entire generation of Boomers, I suppose. That's some tribute.


Still, they say death comes in threes. And when Marlon Brando died today, the platitudes came heavy again. Greatest actor of our generation. A trail-blazer. Difficult private character, but unbelievable power on stage. The Master is gone.

But it struck me a minute ago how ironic it is that the best actor of our generation was preceded into death by less than a month by one of the WORST actors ever. Reagan never sold me on a single performance he ever gave--especially his Presidential ones.

He could afford to be a sunny optimist--he had HIS.


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