Thursday, July 01, 2004

Good 'toons 

I saw some hilarious cartoons today at Bartcop.

First, the two guys talking on the phone at work from Get Your War On:

"What were the first words spoken in the newly sovereign Iraq?"

" 'Mr. Bremer! Aren't you staying for the reception?' "

"You know, I'm surprised he didn't take one final leisurely stroll through the lazy summer streets of Baghdad."

"I love it. Nothing says 'Good luck' like handing off sovereignty and running straight to the airport. Do we always treat sovereigny like it's a goddam grenade?"

Then we have Vanna White before the Wheel of Fortune letter board, with the words "GO _UCK YOURSEL_" written out--category, Phrase.

Then there's the bumper sticker I want--

Bush/Cheney '04 (the actual genuine logo) followed by:

Don't Switch Horsemen Mid-Apocalypse


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