Sunday, July 25, 2004

I had to wipe a tear from the corner of my eye with a Kleenex 

Seriously. It was one of those moments. I posted this in the comments of a post by Mahablog:

OT, it just nearly tore me up, something I saw on the page as I scrolled down; your simple photo of Sam Clemens.

I dunno...I almost came to tears when I simply thought of what he would say or think about the present circumstances of our lives today. There are a million bloggers out there, and some damn fine ones, too, who can put issues and reports into terrific perspective. It could be said that Sam was blessed never to see the days we're living through. Other than that, it makes me incredibly sad not to have his wit and wisdom here and now, to help handle this mess.

Thanks for the post, and for the glimpse of the photo of that fabulous genius. Thank Koresh for the mere thought of him and his outlook, to help guide us today through some of the most miserable times this country has ever seen.


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