Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Make up your minds, why don'tcha? 

Jordan Rejects Ban on Osama, Saddam Names

AMMAN, Jordan - Jordan's parliament rejected a bill Wednesday that would enable the government to prevent parents from naming their children Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.

By a vote of 50-38, legislators turned down the proposed amendment to the Civic Status Law, which would have empowered registration officers to reject names that they deem "harmful to public order."

"The bill does not implement democracy, and there is no law in the whole world which restricts the freedom of naming newborns," said independent legislator Mohammed Shawabkeh.

An Islamist lawmaker, Mohammed Abu-Faris, said the bill had been proposed "to please the Americans."

Jordan needs to get its act together. Bush has brought freedom to the Middle East. Prohibiting naming your own children after such obvious evil-doers is a big part of that freedom.

If Jordan doesn't get their act together, I promise you...they're next.


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