Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Nader Calls Kerry a "Puppet" for Israel 

Amy Goodman has a great interview with Ralph Nader today.

NADER: John Edwards has been vetted. There aren't going to be any skeletons in his closet. He has a good two-Americas speech. There will be a lot of dynamism and he's a charmer, but the question I have is will he defend the civil justice system, which is the right of the American people when they're wrongfully injured or defrauded to have their full day in court against corporations, or will he sidestep that issue? Civil justice is under serious attack. It's already been eroded in state legislatures and there's a current Class Action bill in the congress that will further weaken the rights of defrauded people from having their day in state court. So that remains to be seen....

The other parties are pro-war, pro-PATRIOT act, pro-death penalty, pro-corporate globalization, and we are on the other side of that. We are the only anti-war candidate. When I talked to John Kerry, I talked basically about the dirty tricks that the democratic parties at the state level are using to try to keep us off the ballot on technicalities, drain our resources. In Arizona, the democrats hired three corporate law firms. They filed suit against us. They had filed suit on such things like one of our signature gatherers-- it takes 14,500 signatures to get on the Arizona ballot. One of the signature gatherers collected 550 signatures. He happened to be an ex-felon who paid his debt to society. He had been on juries. He was a registered voter. They found that he did not pay allegedly a $400 fine to the state, and they wanted to knock off 550 signatures. That would have cost us long days in litigation, and we had to drop our effort. We have limited funds under Federal Election Commission regulation. The democrats have unlimited funds outside of any regulation. That's what they're doing in Oregon and elsewhere. I told John Kerry to-- words to the wise. He may be presiding over a situation, whether he knows it or not, that can be a mini Watergate....

What is unfortunate and dismaying is the political bigotry that is being demonstrated by some liberals. Sure, oppose us, challenge us, argue with us, but don't say that you can speak, assemble and petition outside the electoral arena, but don't go into the electoral arena and be so adamant about it. Of course, the democrats' dirty tricks are just beginning to unfold. I'm sure that the press will report more of what's going on there. But we have an obligation to challenge the two-party cabal. The one corporate party with two heads wearing different makeup. The kind of parties that have brought us corporate-occupied territory in Washington. The kind of parties that have let giant business say no to health insurance for everybody, no to living wage, no to a fair tax system, no to waging peace, no to doing something about the bloated wasteful Pentagon budget that now comprises one-half of the federal government's operating expenditures, at the expense of schools, clinics, public transit systems and all the necessities back home that don't find any funds to improve facilities for the American people....

The U.S. government never connects with the deep and broad Israeli peace movement that represents members and former members of the Knesset, former military people, former intelligence people, former mayors, existing mayors, professors, rabbis. They put 120,000 people in the square in Tel Aviv recently. You would think that the U.S. government was not a puppet. It would support the deep Israeli peace movement, which has been in touch with the Palestinian peace advocates and has worked out more than one accord where there could be a two-state solution living in peace with a viable and independent Palestinian state. So, there should be a debate. The two candidates Kerry, and Bush, are both pro-Israeli military government. They do not connect with the Israeli peace movement or peace now or Jewish voice for peace or Michael Lerner's Tikkun group. Both Kerry and Bush are pro-war.

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