Tuesday, August 24, 2004


(No pun intended.)

I'm so tired of the back and forth about Kerry's vietnam record, and so disgusted that the whole thing hasn't blown up in Bush's cowardly face, that I've decided not to read any more about it for several days. Not that I've got much time to read this week, but...

Here's an interesting article in ZNet, by Sam Bahour:

De-development, Israeli Style

EXCERPT: Faced with the lopsided Oslo Peace Accords, Palestinians attempted to overcome tremendous odds over the last ten years to sow the seeds of a modern Palestinian economy.  However, Israel had different plans, namely to manipulate the uneven balance of power to eliminate any possibility for Palestinian self-sufficiency and the emergence of a Palestinian state.  Mixing the greed of the corporate world with the might of the Israeli military, Israel is well on track to undermine Palestinian achievements, and by doing so, Israel has wrecked the Palestinian society with severe consequences that will last for many years.

There are winners and losers in today's cutthroat business world. Corporate America reigns supreme with its breadth and depth into world markets increasing daily.  One huge market which is growing at an overwhelming pace is telecommunications, especially the cellular business.  Around the world and in the Middle East specifically, the telecommunications sector is proving to be the vehicle that is prodding governments to modernize and become more transparent, accountable and market-driven.
Countries, particularly smaller and least developed ones, have benefited from this telecommunications boom by liberalizing their markets in order to attract foreign direct investment and gain firsthand experience in one of today's most dynamic industries.  In conflict-stricken Israel and yet-to-be Palestine, this globalized model of development is not working and the Palestinians are losing while those tasked with maintaining the rules and laws of today's global village turn a blind eye.

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