Thursday, August 19, 2004


We scored a good one for Thursday's issue...

Porter Goss: Another Bush Intelligence Failure
Former House Majority Whip Pat Williams on Bush's nominee for Director of Central Intelligence and why the furrowed brow and secretive pout of Porter Goss, a longtime CIA apologist, is the wrong face to lead an agency in dire need of reform
BushWhackedUSA, 19 August 2004
EXCERPT: Having served so long with Porter and knowing the political climate today, I expect, as do most observers, that the Senate will confirm him to head the CIA. As we all understand — now — America’s intelligence apparatus is in need of a real overhaul, but, frankly, I’m not convinced that Porter Goss is the right person for the task. I will say he looks right — Porter has one of those CIA faces: sincere, serious, secretive and worried — he has that furrowed-brow look that says, “I know something really bad, but I can’t tell you about it.” Perhaps that look comes from Goss’ earlier days as a CIA operative and later from his chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee. So…Porter looks the part; and he has experience — but I question that experience. During the years we served together, Porter Goss was an apologist for the CIA and our other intelligence agencies as well. Back when only a few members of Congress understood that America was not being properly defended by the CIA and others, Porter Goss stoutly defended those agencies. And worse, he considered those who asked the hard questions as being weak on defense. Goss was a proponent not of reform, but rather of more money so the agencies could simply carry on with what we all now recognize were their inefficient, uncoordinated and, it turns out, dangerous malpractice. In 1998 Goss was the prime mover of securing an increase for those flawed agencies of $1 billion dollars — not for reform but for the same old failed intelligence processes.

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