Saturday, May 08, 2004

Bush's words are the rope that will hang him HIGH 

I always knew they would. It was simply a matter of time and googling. August Pollack uses a minimum of dialogue to the maximum effect here. Pure genius.

Perhaps he didn't make himself clear

And all Iraqi military and civilian personnel should listen carefully to this warning: In any conflict, your fate will depend on your actions. Do not destroy oil wells, a source of wealth that belongs to the Iraqi people. Do not obey any command to use weapons of mass destruction against anyone, including the Iraqi people. War crimes will be prosecuted, war criminals will be punished and it will be no defense to say, "I was just following orders."

-George W. Bush, 3/19/2003

I expect them to be treated, the POWs, I expect to be treated humanely, just like we're treating the prisoners that we have captured humanely. If not, the people who mistreat the prisoners will be treated as war criminals.

-George W. Bush, 3/23/2003

As the vise tightens on the Iraqi regime, some of our enemies have chosen to fill their final days with acts of cowardice and murder. In combat, Saddam's thugs shield themselves with women and children. They have killed Iraqi citizens who welcome coalition troops, and they have forced other Iraqis into battle by threatening to torture or kill their families. They have executed prisoners of war, waged attacks under the white flag of truce, and concealed combat forces in civilian neighborhoods, schools, hospitals and mosques. In this war, the Iraqi regime is terrorizing its own citizens, doing everything possible to maximize Iraqi civilian casualties, and then to exploit the deaths they have caused for propaganda. These are war criminals, and they'll be treated as war criminals.

In stark contrast, the citizens of Iraq are coming to know what kind of people we have sent to liberate them.

-George W. Bush, 4/6/2003

Given the nature of this regime, we expect such war crimes. But we will not excuse them. War criminals will be hunted relentlessly and judged severely.

-George W. Bush, 3/28/2003

Uh...I guess you're talking about BROWN-SKINNED war criminals, right, George? I have to wonder why he's suddenly getting an angst attack over what is simply a Geneva Convention illegality. Since when do they give a shit?

Worst. Administration. EVER.


Friday, May 07, 2004

I smell a RAT 

When that Bob Woodward story about the Saudis holding oil prices down to help re-elect Bush first hit...I immediately sensed the possibility that Woodward was being used...as in a tool...right from the top drawer...

Oil Prices Hit $40 for First Time Since 1990

See...if Bush (or Rove, the one with the working cerebrum) leaked to Woodward that gas prices were going DOWN to help Bush...that would be a calculated gamble...

...unless the prices NEVER FALL.

Then they can say, "Woodward doesn't know what he's talking about. See? We had no deal with Prince Bandar to lower oil prices."

And that would end up looking like a GOOD thing--for Bush, and no one else. No one except whoever's SELLING OIL...



If Bush Was "Deeply Disgusted" Last Friday... 

...then I wonder how he feels today.

Rumsfeld's going down; Bush will follow. Meanwhile, in the Arab world, America's enemies accumulate.

Private Contractor Hired 'Cooks and Truck Drivers' as Interrogators in Abu Ghraib Jail

British Soldier Gives More Details of Iraq Prisoner Abuse

US Troops Treat Elderly Iraqi Woman Like a Donkey

from JANUARY 25: US Interrogators Boast of Using 'Torture Lite'

Afghan Prisoners Beaten to Death at US Military Interrogation Base

Photos of Dead May Indicate Graver Abuse

You'll find more at BushWhackedUSA.com

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Just TRY to get in to see Bush if you're NOT a supporter 

This is insane. But it's to be expected from the fake President who took office via a fake election, and started a fake war. Go read it at Hesiod:


Is this war worth $175 billion? 

Not by my calculator.

I just love it when somebody else does the math for me. From the Daily Kos:

If Congress appropriates the $25 billion requested by the White House, the cost of the Iraq war will reach $174 billion. Compare that figure with another figure discussed this week:

The cost of fighting crime in the United States, for police, prisons and courts, rose to a record $167 billion in 2001, the latest year for which figures are available, according to a study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics...

In total, the criminal justice system accounted for 7 percent of all state and local government spending in 2001, roughly equal to the amount spent on health and hospitals, the report found. The criminal justice system employed 2.3 million people in 2001, 747,000 of them as jail or prison guards.

The next time Bush talks about the war in Iraq being the necessary cost of keeping us safe from Saddam Hussien, somebody should ask him what he thinks about the fact that it's cost more money to conquer and occupy Iraq than the yearly cost to police all the streets, administer the criminal laws, prosecutions and appeals, and incarcerate the prisoners in every jurisdiction--municipal, county, state and federal--in the entire United States.

And the follow-up question, at a time when state and local governments are pleading with the federal government for sufficient resources to train and equip our first responders for dealing with emergencies, preparing our public health system to cope with epidemics or health crises, and patrolling our points of entry and securing vulnerable sites like chemical and utility plants from attack, should be, "Mr. President, can you explain how we've benefited from your war against Iraq, and why we're paying more for those paltry benefits than we pay to maintain civil order here in the United States?"

One more question, please: Where the fuck is this money GOING? Down a RAT HOLE? Because I sure don't think we're getting MUCH FOR ALL THAT CASH, people.


From the Cosmic Iguana 


According to a report published by the Guardian today, Amer al-Saadi, the British-educated scientist who was the Iraqi government's main link to the United Nations inspectors before the US invasion, has been held in solitary confinement for the last year.

His crime? Apparently, being right about Iraq having destroyed its WMDs years ago. At the time, people like weapons inspectors David Kay or Hans Blix didn't believe him:

Yet, astonishingly, Dr Saadi does not know of their change of mind or of the political fallout their views have caused in western countries. He is like a lottery winner who is the last person to be told he has hit the jackpot. Held in solitary confinement in an American prison at Baghdad's international airport, Dr Saadi is denied the right to read newspapers, listen to the radio, or watch television.

"In the monthly one-page letters I am allowed to send him through the Red Cross I cannot mention any of this news. I can only talk about family issues," says his wife, Helma, as she sits in the couple's home less than half a mile from US headquarters in Baghdad.

Barely three days after the statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled down by US troops in central Baghdad Dr Saadi approached the Americans and became the first senior Iraqi to hand himself in. It was the last time his wife saw him.

He was sure he would soon be released, Mrs Saadi says. He was a scientist who had never been part of Saddam's terror apparatus, or even a member of the Ba'ath party... [*]

But none of that mattered. Now even his CIA interrogators have stopped questioning him and are appealing for his release, so far unsuccessfully. He is held as a prisoner of war until George Bush declares the war over.

So a 66 year old man, guilty of nothing but telling the truth rots in a prison because he is an embarassing reminder of the lies of George Bush.


Bush family values 

Bush, wife to skip daughters' graduations

Reason given?

...Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for Laura Bush: "The Bushes felt the focus should be on the students, and not how long the lines are to go through the metal detectors.''

That would explain why Laura and George have been giving graduation speeches all over the country for the last three years--they want the focus on THEM, and not the students--and they like metal detectors.

Lying HYPOCRITES. Utter FILTH. The Clintons would never have DREAMED of skipping Chelsea's graduation ceremonies for such a ridiculous reason. But the Bushes have more important things to do, obviously. Like fundraising...


Things like this just shouldn't happen 

People, we can talk about Iraqi prisoners being tortured all day long--but this story here is what REALLY worries me about my country.

How could this have possibly happened?

F.A.A. Official Scrapped Tape of 9/11 Controllers' Statements

WASHINGTON, May 6 — At least six air traffic controllers who dealt with two of the hijacked airliners on Sept. 11, 2001, made a tape recording that same day describing the events, but the tape was destroyed by a supervisor without anyone making a transcript or even listening to it, the Transportation Department said in a report today.

The taping began before noon on Sept. 11 at the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center, in Ronkonkoma, on Long Island, where about 16 people met in a basement conference room known as "the Bat Cave" and passed around a microphone, each recalling his or her version of the events a few hours earlier.

But officials at the center never told higher-ups of the tape's existence, and it was later destroyed by an F.A.A. official described in the report as a quality-assurance manager there. That manager crushed the cassette in his hand, shredded the tape and dropped the pieces into different trash cans around the building, according to a report made public today by the inspector general of the Transportation Department.

The tape had been made under an agreement with the union that it would be destroyed after it was superseded by written statements from the controllers, according to the inspector general's report. But the quality-assurance manager asserted that making the tape had itself been a violation of accident procedures at the Federal Aviation Administration, the report said.

The inspector general, Kenneth M. Mead, said that the officials' keeping the existence of the tape a secret and the decision by one to destroy it had not served "the interests of the F.A.A., the department or the public" and could foster suspicions among the public.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Hop on the bus, Gus 

There is no doubt about it, folks. These people are BRAIN-DEAD.

Only an utter moron would actually greenlight such a name. Only a moron would come up with the idea.

Don't forget--Bush is in charge of every single detail of his campaign, folks. It's been reported and substantiated. And if there was EVER ANY DOUBT...

Read THIS.

What Happened to Bush's “Winning the War on Terror” Tour?

Last Week, the Bush-Cheney Campaign Proudly Promoted Its “Winning the War on Terror” Bus Tour.

“Bush-Cheney '04 Launches Winning the War on Terror Tour.” In another April release, the campaign said, “Bush-Cheney '04 today launched the Winning the War on Terror Tour…Today's kick-off events in Michigan, New Hampshire and Ohio will coincide with the release of a new ad, "Weapons," that will air in various markets and on national cable stations. Additionally, a state specific "Weapons" ad will air in 9 states. The Winning the War on Terror Tour will continue throughout the next two weeks.” [4/26/04]

Bush-Cheney Campaign E-Mail, 4/27. “From a Bush-Cheney campaign e-mail: "You are invited to an online chat with" ex-NYPD commish/ex-Iraq Interim Interior Minister Bernard Kerik on 4/29. "Kerik is hosting this chat as part of the Bush-Cheney '04 Winning the War on Terror Tour…" (Hotline sources, 4/27).” [The Hotline, April 28, 2004]

Bush-Cheney Campaign Press Release, 4/30. “Today, U.S. Representative Jim Kolbe continued the Winning the War on Terror Tour at a press conference in Tucson…Today's Tucson event is one of eight events in the Winning the War on Terror Tour this week. The first was in Evendale, Ohio on Monday. Michigan, New Hampshire and Maine have also hosted Winning the War on Terror press conferences this week…Earlier today, Missouri played host to a Winning the War on Terror press conference in St. Louis that focused on the importance of the F/A-18 fighter jet. The Winning the War on Terror Tour will continue over the course of several weeks” [PR Newswire, April 30, 2004]

Today, The Tour Was Renamed “Yes, America Can.” President Bush mysteriously changed the name of this week’s campaign tour from the “Winning the War on Terror” tour to “Yes, America Can.” Unfortunately for President Bush, media outlets reported the original name of his tour numerous times in the past week.


He's fucking DEAD 

Wow. What an eye-opener. Better be sure and read this, conservatives...

Pat Tillman was not who you think he was. Not by a LONG shot. But that won't keep Bush & CO from cashing in politically on the guy.


He's fucking DEAD


Best op-ed I've seen today 

Best use of metaphor and image, too, in a while. And that's saying something.

I love good writing.


Good article on him in Salon, cogently summarized by TPM:

In the popular political imagination we're familiar with the neocons as conniving militarists, masters of intrigue and cabals, graspers for the oil supplies of the world, and all the rest. But here we have them in what I suspect is the truest light: as college kid rubes who head out for a weekend in Vegas, get scammed out of their money by a two-bit hustler on the first night and then get played for fools by a couple hookers who leave them naked and handcuffed to their hotel beds.

And just think, it's on your dime and with your nation's honor -- what an added benefit.


The cavalry to the rescue 

Will Roy Moore crack the Bush base?

Pray, children. Pray as hard as you can.


'Nuff said 

Time for Bush to See The Realities of Iraq



They'll lie about ANYTHING 

From the liquid list, via atrios:

Bush Bus Tour Scam

President Bush's bus tour is a scam on several levels. First, he isn't actually using the bus: "The bus tour, about 60 miles through western Ohio, actually includes two airplane flights — one from Detroit to Toledo and another from Toledo to Dayton."

Second, Bush skipped mentioning the torture -- and that's what it is, by the way -- of Iraqis in U.S. custody. That's because he did mention that the "world is better off without Saddam Hussein in power," and that "torture rooms are closed." Oh, we closed them, did we?

And when the president opened it up for questions, he had some nice plants such as one, heard this morning on NPR, in which an earnest-sounding man named Joe Francisco asked how he could help the president win more Latino votes in Michigan. Aww. Maybe if the president offered people a chance to become citizens rather than just indentured servants, eh Joe?

Oh, how do I know the questions were planted? Here's Don Gonyea's money quote: "There were no direct questions about Iraq or even the economy in a state that has lost 300,000 jobs since the president took office. " Okay, maybe they weren't plants. Maybe they were just lobotomized.


Bush Bus Tour Scam 

Go read Liquid List to get the skinny on the Bush crew's latest big, fat lie.

Advertising: Free, Cheap and Otherwise 

So, yesterday on a whim I offered to give away a single ad to the first not-for-profit, political, compatible site to respond. And the winner is: W. Goes Home. Their ad will appear on our main page as soon as we've worked out the details.

This got me thinking about advertising, promotion, etc. We've never approached BushWhackedUSA.com as a source of revenue, and unlike many similar sites and popular blogs we have NEVER asked our readers for donations. Between us, we put 5-18 hours of work on the site daily, without pay. In fact, our only rewards are the satisfaction of working against the Bush administration, the occasional (all too rare) positive E-mail note, and the gradual growth in our readership. In fact, growing the readership is our only quantifiable measure of success. We think a lot about how to do that. Our political satires and essays have been our most effective way to draw new readers, so far. The work we do every day probably appeals to the most actively engaged, progressive political readership. And we're working on some more general, static features that will appeal to the more casual reader--features which we'll unveil in June and July.

Yet at this point, we want to explore ways to more ambitiously reach out to readers. About the only thing left for us to do is to advertise. But on top of the unpaid time we devote already and the (minor) costs of keeping the site up and running, we just can't afford to buy ads.

That's why I've considered asking dedicated readers to buy ads for us. I don't know how much interest there would be in doing such a thing; and I know it's somewhat obnoxious when free political sites start scrounging for readers' dollars. But this is one way to further our cause. An effective way, at that.

So, I'm curious: what are your thoughts on these matters? Would BushWhackedUSA readers somehow be offended by a campaign to support our ad campaign? Do any of our readers host popular, compatible sites of your own, for which you might be willing to trade "advertising" in the form of buttons, banners and hyperlinks?

And, on a related note, would anyone care to volunteer for the task of landing BushWhackedUSA on as many free links lists as possible?

In any case, thanks for your support. Maintaining these sites (the blog for three months and the main page for fifteen months) has been a deeply rewarding and addicting experience. We're committed to seeing this through to the end: the 2004 election in November!

Monday, May 03, 2004

Fools. Utter fools. 

Just try reading this article without blowing a gasket.

How Ahmed Chalabi conned the neocons


It's just in the idea stage right now 

From the Toronto Star:

U.S. eyes proposal to draft women

WASHINGTON—The chief of the U.S. Selective Service System has proposed registering women for the military draft and requiring that young Americans regularly inform the government about whether they have training in niche specialties needed in the armed services.

The proposal, which the agency's acting director Lewis Brodsky presented to senior Pentagon officials just before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, also seeks to extend the age of draft registration to 34, up from 25.

The issue of a renewed draft has gained attention because of concern that U.S. military forces are stretched thin because of worldwide commitments.


Haveta post the WHOLE thing 

Good article. Excellent reading.

I wonder if ANYTHING will ever come of it...like...a subpoena? An indictment? Arrest? Arraignment? Trial? Conviction? Sentencing?

Long odds there.

Report: White House Wrong on Medicare

WASHINGTON - Bush administration officials were wrong to prevent a budget expert from giving Congress estimates of the cost of Medicare legislation, congressional researchers have concluded.

In a report made public Monday, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service said efforts to keep Richard Foster, the chief Medicare actuary, from giving Democratic lawmakers his projections of the bill's cost — $100 billion more than the president and other officials were acknowledging — probably violated federal law.

Recent estimates set the bill's cost at more than $500 billion.

Foster testified in March that he was prevented by then-Medicare administrator Thomas Scully from turning over information over to lawmakers. Scully, in a letter to the House Ways and Means Committee, said he had told Foster "that I, as his supervisor, would decide when he would communicate with Congress."

Congressional researchers chided the move. "Such 'gag orders' have been expressly prohibited by federal law since 1912," Jack Maskell, a CRS attorney, wrote in the report.

The report was requested by committee Democrats after majority Republicans refused to subpoena Scully and White House adviser Doug Badger to testify about their roles in keeping cost estimates from lawmakers.

Rep. Bill Thomas, R-Calif., the committee chairman, said he would be willing to issue subpoenas if laws had been broken.

A spokesman for Thomas did not immediately respond to requests for comment.



I was perusing the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sunday edition yesterday. They feature the key votes of local members of Congress. As usual, the votes this week did not stray from party lines.

What is unusual about the votes, what makes them a part of Bizzaro-World, is THIS:

Key House Votes--for week ending April 30

Pay as you go:

Members rejected, 199-220, a bid by Democrats to subject HR 4181 (above) to pay-as-you-go rules to keep it from adding to the national debt, now at $7.1 trillion. Under the rules, mandatory spending increases or tax cuts must be offset. A yes vote backed "pay-go".


Clay JR (D) YES
Gephardt (D) YES
Hulshof (R) NO
Akin (R) NO
Emerson (R) NO


Costello (D) YES
Shimkus (R) NO

Every Democrat voted FOR balancing the budget before adding any more tax cuts or spending increases.

Every Republican voted AGAINST it.

As I heard on the radio the other day, in the song from my youth, "Lola":

It's a mixed-up whooped-up shook-up world.


Sunday, May 02, 2004


Tell your friends in the nonprofit sector! Blab to that blogger on your block! We're giving away one free advertisement at BushWhackedUSA.com. That's right, FREE.

All you've got to do is be the first representative of a blog, a Web site, a nonprofit, minimal-profit political book publisher, whatever, to post a note here in this thread AND send an E-mail to annalsofobscurity@yahoo.com. Tell me who you are, what you'd like to promote, and how. Hell, if your cause is right I may even design the ad for you. (You can see several examples of my design work here and here.

Why? Well, because I want to cultivate some extra attention for this damn blog, for starters, and for the main BushWhackedUSA site, for finishers.

We don't actually sell advertising at BushWhackedUSA, by the way. Nor have we ever given it away. As far as I know, this is going to be a one-time thing.

As far as placement of the ad is concerned, we'll negotiate. Could be here at the blog, could be on our main page, or it could be on the next political satire piece we publish. What's your preference? Talk to me.

-Eric Bosse

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